…a new mom in a new country, just trying to live without fear and love without reserve…

Hi! I’m Monte, the primary author of this blog. From time to time my husband Matt does a guest post, and our son Finn shows up quite a bit as well. I’m a mama, a wife, a baker, a cook, a writer, and a Christian, and I like to think and write about all of these things. We moved to Hong Kong in August 08, when our son was 5 months old, after spending the previous 5 years in New England. We are Midwesterners at heart, though, and really do plan to return there to settle down.

But for now, we’re in Hong Kong. We spend a lot of time in Hong Kong on escalators—the typical indoor ones, of course, with stairs, but also plenty of outdoor escalators, escalators that start indoors and take you out, and even escalators without stairs on which you can take shopping carts. Hong Kong is famous for the Mid-levels Escalator, an outdoor, 800-meters-long, “commuters” escalator. The stairs run down in the morning, and then switch to running up for the commute home. Escalators make sense here, a city that moves very quickly, is built on the sides of mountains, and is full of high-rises. This blog is my attempt to step off the escalator and reflect on one family’s life in Hong Kong.

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