Why I'm voting for Obama

I make no claims that these are THE most important reasons, or that these reasons will resonate with other people. But they are my reasons. I could certainly give you all sorts of reasons why I won't be voting for McCain/Palin, but I think telling you what I'm FOR is more productive, and more Obama-esque. (See, he's even inspiring me to be less negative already—he is what our country needs!) 

1. He was a community organizer. I know the Palin camp made fun of this, but I happen to admire it.  It's been one of my favorite things about Obama from the beginning. I really respect someone who would choose a service oriented job rather than just a money/career job. He clearly didn't do this just so he'd have a great resume for running for President.  It makes me have confidence that not only is he in this to serve our country, but that he has first hand knowledge of poverty in our country, a huge issue to be addressed.  

2. He's smart. Again, Fox and Republicans might mock this, calling him an “elitist ivy-leaguer” but I personally want my president to be smarter than I am, to be well-educated and have a broad understanding of history, economic and political theory, and law.  We're not electing a friend or a neighbor here (though I'd be happy to have Obama as either!)--we're electing a leader who has to process and synthesize complex information and situations every day, making strategic decisions that will shape our lives for years to come. It takes someone darn smart to do that. 

3. He is interested in bipartisan solutions to the issues our country faces, and he has said numerous times that he's considering putting Republicans in his Cabinet, particularly Sens. Dick Lugar and Chuck Hagel.  For instance, he recently announced his plan for education, an important issue to us both as parents and (for one of us) as a teacher. Some of his ideas are traditionally "Republican" and not supported by the powerful teachers' union, such as performance pay for teachers, increased funding for public charter schools, and getting rid of bad teachers. We are strongly in favor of this sort of "out of the Democratic box" thinking.    

4. He is a person of faith, with a compelling conversion story (read his speech to the UCC convention in June of 2007 here.) As a faithful Democrat, it's important to me that he understands that separation of church and state doesn't have to mean separation of faith from politics, and that he doesn't belittle or look down on the role of faith in many Americans' lives. 

5. He is more interested in concentrating on important issues than on divisive politics. See this video with his response to the "lipstick" thing:

6. His overall platform is more consistent with the pro-life ethic which I support.  Yes, I know he is pro-choice, but I don't think “pro-life” is only about abortion.  It's also about the mother's life and the babies' lives after they are born, it's about capital punishment, it's about avoiding unnecessary wars, it's about the environment and preserving future life.  In light of all of these issues, Obama is my man! 

7. Ok, I said I would be telling you what I'm for in this list, but I can't leave this out, because it's too true!  McCain/Palin=Bush, and we (insert here—our schools, our economy, our healthcare system, our veterans, our environment) just can't take another Bush term.  See this Washington Post cartoon by Tom Toles. 

8. Finally, he is inspiring and makes me proud to be an American, proud of our Constitution, and proud of our freedom. Watch this clip of Obama talking about habeas corpus:

 I want a president who makes me feel proud of my country.  

My brother's blog has much more detailed and analytical reasons why he supports Obama, and descriptions of all that he has achieved during his time in the Senate.  If you are at all undecided, please check it out!



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