Chinese waffle goodness!

I mentioned back in an early post the wonderful waffles sold at a street stand near our apartment.  Here are some pictures, so you can imagine what I'm talking about.  Won't be great when we can add not only images, video and audio to these blogs but scent and taste as well?  



Liese said...

OH! Wow! Does that look yummie! Perhaps there will be a USA version of a Chinese waffles store in your future! :) Thanks for sharing!

Frieda said...

Liese and I are on the same page! It is coffee break time and one of those would be just the thing to make my break complete!

DeAne said...


These look delicious! When you can't bake, you have to take your "cake" pleasures where you can get them. Every time I scoop up a cup of flour, I think of you without an oven.


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