Things I love ...

1. Getting fresh corn on the cob and organic tomatoes in our weekly farm delivery ... in December!
fresh corn on the cob!

tomatoes from our farm
2. Finding King Arthur Flour in a fancy grocery store! Woohoo! Just in time for Christmas baking ... I'm not normally very brand-loyal, but after working *for* KAF for several years and working *with* their flour for longer than that, all I can say is I am VERY happy to have found some here in Hong Kong! We've bought a countertop oven from an American who was leaving, and now I'm good to go (albeit it will be 9 cookies at a time ...)

3. This isn't my love, but Finn's. He has fallen in love with this ducky in the last week, and wants it with him everywhere. Who knew a duck on a string could hold such appeal? finn's friend the ducky


Krissie said...

When KC and Michelle lived in China, Michelle made a whole Thanksgiving meal in one of those countertop ovens. In fact, she now has a nice little countertop oven here, of course she also has a real oven now, but she still used the countertop one to bake each pie separately this year at Thanksgiving. I guess old habits die hard.

Happy baking!

liz said...

hello M&M (and Finn!),

i've been following your blog for a few months now.... what a cutie pie you have in finn! that was on our shortlist of names while pregnant with our third. he ended up being an adam because it went better with "smith" we thought. :)

9 cookies at a time! it's amazing what big sizes we take for granted here in the states, isn't it?

blessings to your family in Advent...
~liz (and kenny) smith (and rowan, sawyer, and adam)

foodsmith said...

Hey Liz--great to hear from you. I used to get occasional reports on your boys from Lisa. I'll have to checkout your website to see some pictures...
blessings to all of you,

foodsmith said...

a whole Thanksgiving meal? I'm impressed! I had forgotten they lived in China for awhile. We recently had a guy speak at our church who is an "expert" in the China house church movement and he had some amazing stories ... How much we take for granted little things like just owning a Bible or being able to talk about God or church without fear!