On baby food and Wondertime ...

I am so glad that my son likes flavorful food.  Plain roasted butternut squash? Just OK. Butternut squash soup, with lots of ginger and curry?  Love it.  Plain steamed broccoli? Not so much. Broccoli pureed with some basil and garlic? Love it.  You're a good man, FDP.

Speaking of baby food, my friend Meredith recently said (as part of her 25 random things on fb) "I make my own baby food. Secretly, I must say I am not sure if I do it because I think it is the healthiest option for baby or because you will never see more stunning colors in your life until you see frozen tiny cubes of true pea green, sweet potato orange, pale soft green avocado, blueberry purple."  So true. 

On another note, I am so sad to hear of Wondertime's demise.  It was the only parenting magazine out there that I really liked--full of lovely images, stories, humor and just the teensiest bit of advice. As another commenter said, it "appreciated equally the value of a well-mixed drink and a well-mixed play-doh." I especially loved the name, so evocative of what childhood can and should be, but yet it was always realistic and treated the readers as whole adults, with rich and full lives, now made richer by sharing them with children.  And even though it was owned by Disney, it  felt like the least corporate parenting magazine out there, the least designed to make us buy lots of stuff.

I'm also sorry because it always felt like a magazine I might actually be able to write for. In fact, I had a draft going of a query letter to them for an article about traveling with babies.  So it goes. I did just get an assignment from Augsburg Fortress, and it's funny how even this tiny bit of external affirmation can make me feel better about everything.  Makes me feel that it's OK to love my life, to love taking Finn to Gymboree, to love planning what Valentine's cookies to make this year. Kudos, man.  They're important, and so often missing from a stay-at-home parent's life.


DeAne said...

Dear Monte,

Kudos to you! for so many things. You are forging your own path of adventure. You are willing to strike out into a new culture and do it with a small child. You gave up an oven when you are a baker. You've found ways to share your smart, compassionate insights with others.

Along with kudos, a reminder that your time horizon is long. There weeks, months, even a couple of years are just a piece of a life that will build on them even as you have already built on your own childhood, college years, etc.

with admiration,


Frieda said...

It is not at all surprising to me to read that the son of the girl that would eat mushed up brussel sprouts 3 times a week likes strong flavors. And the color was not all that appealing either.

It is the answer to my prayer for Finn that his Mom would love being with him, would think he was the best thing since sliced bread. What a wonderful start you have made in making Finn a global person with an appreciation that all people are fascinating beings no matter where they are. I thank God everyday that we stayed at Swope Park where you and Chip learned how to love and appreciate a wide variety of people and ways to live life. I see how the results of that decision has made you all the people you are today!

Your ability to think deeply about life and all the different aspects of life make you a wonderful writer and I'm happy that Augsburg recognizes it!

Meredith said...

Monte! hey, a quotation from me! thanks... that was really a fun surprise to read this morning.

congrats on the Augsburg assignment. and, i am so glad you love your life...in fact, i love your life! mark and i often remark at your family's adventurous spirit and zest for living. really living. an inspiration to us...