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I love this idea of getting mothers around the world to write the top 5 things we love about motherhood. And I love it that Her Bad Mother started this, because she's one of those bloggers not afraid to talk about the underbelly of parenting, the hilarious and too-often-private parts of our lives ... So here I am, sending out some love from Hong Kong, though I see I'm not the first from here. Thanks to Marcy at Life is Good for spreading the good word.   

The Top 5 Things I Love About Motherhood:

1. I love the encounters with complete strangers. Maybe it's just because my son is so darn adorable and engaging, or maybe it's because Hong Kongers love babies so much (oh but surely it's all about my son, right?), but whatever--he's always making friends, wherever we go, and consequently, I make friends. Or at least, I smile, and they smile back, and that feels good.  To a new mom in a new city these smiles were a lifeline.  

2. Ok, so maybe this is technically more about parenthood than motherhood, but I love hearing my husband soothe our son in the night. He uses a tone of voice and a manner that I've never heard out of him before, and it melts me.  I also love turning over to go back to sleep.  

3. I love it that I can walk down the street and sing if I feel like singing and people just assume I'm singing to the baby, even if it's Willie Nelson's "Gotta get Drunk" or Johnny Cash or ... (ok, just looked through my itunes and I can't find anything more scandalous than that. what does that mean?)

4. I love holding him when he comes out of the tub and he smells so sweet and he's wearing his blue and orange stripe pajamas.  

5. I love being loved.


David Wescott said...

This is excellent - thanks so much!

Chip said...

Re: #3 That means I have have not given you any new music in a long time. Gifts sent through itunes must be redeemed in the same country they were purchased, so I'll have to figure out a different way to get you some more scandalous tunes.

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