Feeling grateful for ...

**friends who take us to the hottest dining spots in town Indian food in Chungking Mansions

**ferry rides to outlying islands

**walks scented with jasmine, accompanied by the sound of waves

Cheung Chau coast

**spiral cut potato chips on a sticktake that, MN state fair!

**Finn's attraction to strangers and his willingingness to interact with them frozen fruit on a stick

*gossipy, busy-body women who run teahouses and serve awesome sushi and red bean cakes (and have bizarre posters and sayings on their menus!) hometown teahouse

nothing more to say

check out those handrolls!

**a husband who takes beautiful pictures of our son. thoughtful



ps-I've uploaded an insane number of insanely beautiful portraits of Mr. Finn, all taken April 5, to our flickr site. I'm also working on uploading pictures from the past few months. I realize I've been rather neglectful--not posting nearly as many great pictures as we have. So grandparents, eat your hearts out.


Meredith said...

I am grateful for our friends who are far away but keep us a part of their lives so effortlessly! Oh me oh my cuteness...Finn is absolutely, positively adorable. Thank you for sharing the photos!

Chip said...

Thanks for getting a flickr site! I had not seen the pictures of Finn and I that you posted.

Jan Pence said...

He is sooo... cute! And in certain pictures, I see Monte and in others he is Matt -- that means Finn is a wonderful blend of his parents! Blessings during this Holy Week.

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