Tai Hang

Last week I picked up a copy of HK Magazine--one of those free, urban weeklies--and found that our new neighborhood, Tai Hang, was featured. This was both good news and bad news. Mostly, it was fun to realize that we still have our cool-neighborhood-instincts. We stumbled onto Tai Hang last year and fell in love, knowing very little about it but instantly attracted to its feel, and to its "unknown" status.

So that's the bad news--not so unknown after all! Why is it that we like to think we've discovered something, like to think our ideas, leanings, attractions and desires are completely unique? It's humbling to remember that we really are products of our generation, that as counter-cultural as we think we are, we are very much living in this time.

Humbling, yes, but ultimately reassuring too---sharing these things just locates us firmly as part of a community. So we're still very much looking forward to exploring Tai Hang and claiming it as ours---for a time---even if we're doing it with lots of other Hong Kongers. (The counter-cultural ones, of course, the ones who also think they've discovered something. I'll pretend I don't notice you if you do the same ... and how about a secret handshake if you'd like to meet up for coffee?)

night view

the view from our (old, current) apartment ... could anything really be hidden or "unknown" in this city?


DeAne said...


Not worry that we'll just drop by without calling: still it is lovely to have a sense of just where you are living!


Heather said...

You moved to Tai Hang! I love it there! So glad you ended up in the right spot. I can't believe how big Finn looks in your photos. Big love to you three. -Heather

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