Phuket, part one.

This past week we've been in Phuket, Thailand. (n.b. Phuket is pronounced "poo-ket." It hadn't occurred to me that there was a less-than-family-friendly way to mispronounce Phuket, until my friend Andrea left a comment on facebook alluding to said mispronunciation. Now, of course, that's all I can think of when I see the word written. Thanks, Andrea!)

Phuket has quite a reputation for parties and sleaze ... think beach spring break all year round. But we found a resort in a quiet village and haven't seen a bit of that. Instead, this is what we've been experiencing ...

  • waves crash on the shore (obvious, I know, but true)
  • new phrases from Finn: "okey-i" (okay, guys) "oh no!" (mainly said if loses a ball) "ten-ten" (tennis, his current obsession) and "be-ball" (beach ball)
  • The Story of Edgar Sawtelle---we listen at night (after Finn goes to sleep) on one of two porches. I knit, Matt stretches.
  • techno-pop music throughout the resort (more on this later)
  • sugar-soft sand (again, obvious, but so marvelously true) and salty breezes
  • a foot massage while lounging on the beach (heaven!)
  • wool in my hands (is it crazy to knit on the beach?)
  • just a teensy sunburn on my shoulders and on Matt's neck, but none for Finn!
  • king prawns with garlic, grilled fish with lemongrass and chilies, curried crab
  • fresh juice, milkshakes, and cocktails everyday...Finn is in love with virgin pina coladas.
  • amazing breakfasts: fruit, cheese, breads, pastries, waffles, omelets, fresh honey from a honeycomb!
  • Finn gain confidence with the waves
  • fishermen bring in the boats while we eat dinner
  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter--another Korean movie which will get full review next week
marveling at:
  • the wonderful way baby powder gets sand off a baby's body ... off a grown-up's body too!
  • this ultra-cool hotel, almost too cool for me.
  • classic tropical postcard scenes: white sand, clear turquoise waters
wishing for:
  • nothing, except that you were here. Truly. We said many times on this vacation that as wonderful as it was, it would be better to share it with friends or family. So, we're heading to Chiang Mai for Christmas ... anyone coming along?
More later, and lots of pictures over at flickr.

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Jeff Forster said...

We skipped Phuket because of its reputation when we were in Thailand. We went instead to Koh Samet. The mention of milkshakes and cocktails reminded me of ordering dinner at Koh Samet, sitting at a table on the beach in the gathering dark with the waves lapping at our feet under the table. Waiting for the server to come, I deliberated: should I have a milkshake or a beer? milkshake or beer? Then, I did the math on the prices and realized that one cost 30 cents and one 50 cents. When the server arrived, I said "I'll have a milkshake and a beer." That night I had lasagna and grilled cheese for dinner. Mmmmmm. Ouch. Mmmmm.