Hong Kong Alphabet :: introduction

Many of you know that Matt and I are currently in a decision-making phase. He has to choose to renew (or not) his contract in HK by mid-December. The tricky part is that American schools don't start hiring until the spring, so if we choose to go, we're saying no to this job before having lined up a new one. While we don't doubt that Matt could get a job somewhere, it might leave us in a position of not being very picky about that next job.

So. Everyday, it seems, we go back and forth, weighing the advantages of being near family versus being able to travel, of continuing his career in a known great school versus getting rooted in a new school and community. We're trying hard not to let it dominate our conversations and emotions, but it's hard.

All this is a very long preamble to a little project I'm starting, a Hong Kong alphabet---a way of methodically thinking about and recording the things we love about this city. If we stay, it will help us remember what is good here. And if we leave, well, it will help us remember what was good here. So even though it's not helping us make our decision, it's keeping us grateful while we do so. And more than that, it's keeping us here now.

Coming right up :: A.

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