Christmas part three: Postcards from Chiang Mai

On the day after Christmas (Boxing Day, they call it here) we skipped town and headed to Chiang Mai, Thailand. And friends, if Hong Kong is, as I said recently, not our city, then Chiang Mai most definitely is. We loved it ... felt comfortable and new all at once, with plenty to learn and explore but the quirky, artsy feel of a college town. If HK is designer, then Chiang Mai is handmade. It's the Renegade Craft Fair of Southeast Asia, the Madison, Wisconsin of Thailand, the--oh, enough with the comparisons.  Suffice it to say, we're already hoping to go back. For the next few days I'll be sending you (virtual) postcards. Enjoy! And if you ever have occasion to be in northern Thailand, do let me know and I will happily happily give you more details and recommendations.  

Just to get things started ...

(photos taken at the Elephant Nature Park, an elephant sanctuary in northern Thailand.)

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