HK Alphabet :: K

K :: Kung hei fat choi! (Congratulations and Prosperity!)

How fortuitous that K just happened to be next up ... this has to be an auspicious sign, yes?

Chinese New Year is a holiday I am so glad to have gained. It's a gift from Hong Kong that I know will be part of our making-it-through-winter-until-spring rituals for years to come. We may have to youtube a lion dance rather than be woken from our naps, windows rattling from the drums, but buying fresh flowers and eating oranges, hanging lanterns and making pinwheels will all be easy and fun to do, no matter where we live.

Last year someone explained to us that traditionally Chinese families don't celebrate individual birthdays. Instead, everyone becomes a year older together, at the New Year. And I've held that lovely idea in mind this year, trying to understand the clearly monumental importance of these days.   We may not fully get it, but the joy and festivity is infectious--people laden with flowers and cookie tins, children in bright new clothes, red and gold decorations everywhere. So happy year of the tiger, everyone!

(See also last year's post about CNY for more detail about the traditions and celebrations.)

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Paul and Dottie said...

Oh, how fun to experience this celebration. I wish, I wish...I was there! Dot