it all started with the oranges.

It turned hot this weekend. And humid. The kind of weather that makes us strip down to as little clothing as possible and fight over the direction of the fan. Certainly not the kind of weather that inspires baking, but that's where I was Saturday: standing in front of the oven, fan blasting directly on me, rocking out to Stevie Wonder and Bob Dylan and Patty Griffin.

It all started with the marmalade, really. And I guess before that were the oranges. See, we bought one of those orange trees this year for Chinese New Year, and it wasn't long before we started hearing plops during our meals, and seeing Finn kick around a few extra orange balls.

I decided there had to be something we could do with those pieces of sun, and quickly decided on marmalade. Just as quickly I decided against boiling jars and proper sealing, which meant that all this marmalade would be going in the fridge, to be eaten quickly.

So there I was with a few cups of marmalade, friends coming over for coffee in the am, and an as-yet-unplanned promised dessert for friends in the pm. I did the only sensible thing, really, and baked scones in the morning, to serve with said marmalade and super-rich yogurt, and then did the dessert version for the evening, substituting vanilla cake for the scones and whipped cream for the yogurt.

It was sweet, as it always is, to be in the kitchen baking for friends. And it was delicious, every bite,  ... nothing gourmet or sophisticated about these treats, just simple, clean flavors. The marmalade is just sweet enough, right on the edge of sour, but without any bitterness. I modified a recipe from Martha Stewart that originally called for tangerines and lemons, and it was far easier than I expected.

Scones from KAF, and cake from orangette (minus the glazed oranges.) Oh, and the funky shapes? I have only one round pan, 6" diameter, so I also called into service one of those metal lunch tins, oval in this case. The metal is a little thin, but works just fine. 

Whether your days are hot or cold, slushy or muggy, I wish you sunshine and sweetness, a little music and a meal with friends.

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Paul and Dottie said...

Yum yum! recipe please.