New Vocabulary

We're still alive. Between a drowned computer, a move, jetlag and just a few transitions, this blog (and other forms of computer correspondence) have clearly not been the focus lately, but I think we're back. Finn and I have been in the US for about a month, and we've started our third week in Vermont. Feeling settled in, organized, and a bit more energetic.

Finn's language skills have just exploded in recent months, and it is sweet, I tell you, to hear words like "tractor" and "Vermont" roll off his tongue. Balm to his parents' ears it is, right up there with watching his excitement at finding a frog in the reeds, floating on a raft, or climbing on to said tractor.

So for today, just a few of the words that have entered his vocabulary, thanks to our time in Kansas City and now Vermont.  I think this list will tell you much about how we've spent our time lately.  More pictures to come, along with more adventures ...

airport, runway.
sprinkler, lawn mower, squirrel.
radish, hanger steak.
river, kayak, pond, raft.
trampoline, jeep, silo.
Vermont, maple syrup, story hour.

It's a sweet life, no?