Hong Kong Home #3

Our new home is ever so slowly becoming a home, with pictures on the walls and a functioning, if somewhat odd, kitchen. It is both the largest and most inconvenient kitchen we've had yet ... I mean really, one drawer? for a whole kitchen? And the only counter space was the foot on either side of the sink, which is of course most commonly used for dirty dishes and clean, drying dishes. But look--a double oven! I've always wanted a double oven! (actually just two toaster ovens stacked on top of each other, with a third on the floor. Two of the three don't work.) 

But now--we've upgraded from a dorm-size fridge (which involved kneeling on the floor to get anything out, something my pregnant self didn't love but my 2 1/2 yr old son sure did) to a regular one (regular for Hong Kong, that is), we've unstacked the washer and dryer and added a countertop (wood, no less, which doesn't match the tile kitchen whatsoever but feels oh-so-comforting to Matt and me!), added some hanging storage fixtures, and fixed one of the larger ovens, with the two others still waiting in the wings. You still have to manually drape the dryer's exhaust hose over the dish drainer and out the window in order to dry clothes, but I can live with that.  

And the best part of all that tile-covered space in the kitchen is that it's a great place for messy art projects, which we have all thoroughly enjoyed. An old shower curtain on the floor, a washtub and some old towels in the corner, this recipe for fingerpaint (we used the "original"), and mama's heat avoidance activity #1 was a success (and held its appeal for several days, no less).

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HeatherB said...

I love these photos! Zach loves them too-- we think he's a perfect Google poster child. Too, too cute.