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N :: Noodles

No, noodles are nothing new, nor are they unique to Hong Kong. But they have been a significant part of our diet while living here, and they are a significant part of what sustains this city. (Noodles and cell phones. There'd be a revolt for sure if these two items ever became unavailable.)
There's Vietnamese pho--savory and rich, perfect on these drizzly cold days. Japanese ramen, with boiled eggs and fried pork and a light dashi broth. Coconut-rich Laksa. Wonton noodles, with just the right amount of chew and delicately wrapped shrimp. Pad Thai. There are fresh noodles in the market, hand-pulled noodles at the Shanghainese restaurants, and "cup" noodle at the beach (and virtually everywhere else. I doubt one could ever be further than 50 feet from a source of cup noodle in Hong Kong). There are more flavors of instant ramen than you've ever imagined. And in just a month or two, we'll be hitting the cold udon and the Vietnamese bun and the sesame noodles hard.

Part of what we love about noodles here is what they signify--a multicultural city where it's possible to get almost anything you want, and to get it cheaply and quickly. Noodles are the ultimate take-away food, and Hong Kong the ultimate take-away city. They work well together. And even though sometimes we hate how fast-paced and removed Hong Kong is from the land (you may only be 50 feet from a source of cup noodle, but that noodle is way more than 50 feet from its source), we do love the noodles.

N :: Names

Billionaire Lodge. Prosperity Plaza. Tycoon Court. Sincerity Building. Wealthy House. (my favorite) Effectual Building.  What more is there to say?

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