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There's something new on our table right now, something that makes me happy every time I see it. I started work on this little table runner in March, planning it to be for birthdays. I barely finished the quilting, and lacked the binding, in time for Finn's celebration (we used it anyway) and I just this week finished the binding.
Of course, I couldn't finish it and then promptly put it into storage, so it went on our table and cheered up some gray, cold days. So I'm now declaring it the birthday/rainy day/supposed-to-be-spring-but-feels-like-winter table runner. Everyone needs one of those, right? :)

I made it just like the seasons quilt hangings, with a method loosely based on one from Amanda Soule (who bases it on Patchwork Style). It's perfect quilting for me--quick, all about color design and not dependent on precision at all--and you might notice plenty of mistakes, especially with attaching the binding. (The puckering and pulling were terrible--any tips?)

But the good thing about this project is that it's intended to be used, more than just looked at. I figure that in time, the stains and spots from the birthday cakes and rainy-day-meals will outweigh the mistakes, but the memories from those cakes and meals will outweigh them all.

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Frieda Smith said...

You can find several good you tube videos on line demonstrating how to apply binding. I had never done it prior to putting it on Finn's quilt and I thought it turned out pretty good-not to brag or anything. Although I notice that you used different pieces of fabric from the runner itself to bind it so I imagine it was not cut on the bias and it was probably harder to make sure that you were cutting each piece in the same direction (always on the horizontal or vertical of the pieces) and that would make it pucker. And I wouldn't want to give up the way that looks. The only other tip I would give you is that I would use the machine to sew down one side of the binding and then fold over and hand stitch the other side-you could probably accomplish that during one movie. Unfortunately, I'm sure I won't be to the binding stage on Willa's quilt when you all are here in July. I hope you keep her in the baby bed for a while after she is two. I'm aiming for Christmas, but know if I'll make it.