Summer Rules #2: Take a new route

We took a lot of new routes this summer, in some cases extending the drive quite a bit, but in all cases making it far more interesting. Doing so increased our state count from 8 to 10 (adding Kentucky and Michigan), but increased our fun as well. We learned that Cincinatti has a really pretty skyline, that northern Kentucky's hills make for much better driving than Indiana's interstate. We learned that northeastern Wisconsin is almost more lake than land, and that the Upper Peninsula is full of roadside picnic spots and lake access. We discovered a lavender farm, close to home, and a wonderful little lake town only an hour away. We've also established some new routines--one that allows both of us adults to get some much-needed exercise, and that involves finding all sorts of new early morning running routes. And more than a few times, taking a new route was a very necessary shaking-up-the-routine, combating grumpiness, whininess or just plain peevishness. (And I'm not saying on whose part.)

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