birthday fun

A little one has had a birthday around here, and we celebrated in fine, low-key style. Finn heard a story this fall (from Sparkle Stories, an audio story subscription we've fallen in love with) about a brother working on a gift for his sister, and ever since he's been excited about making something himself for Willa. He was full of big ideas (talking robots, for one) but we managed to guide those ideas into something doable--furniture for her new doll house--and with some helpful parental prep, he was able to do it.
Together, we made a pumpkin cake, opened a few presents, restrained an excited big brother from helping too too much, and made a fire for the eating of said cake.

      Afterwards we went to the park for some exploration along the creek, until the little miss came within inches of being knocked out and we realized we were right in the path of the frisbee golf course--an all-too-appropriate situation for her birthday, seeing as her life has been a series of falls, accidents, and near-misses.
      Along with her birthday has come an explosion of language--"self", "mine" and "no" are daily hourly heard, but so are "fun!" (generally after some daring and dangerous activity that send Matt or I running) and "chat" --what she likes to do when papa comes home. She keeps us all laughing, that girl, and we all live to hear her deep belly laugh. Sweet Willa, we love you so. Happy Birthday.

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