Feeling grateful for:

  • Gorgeous weather this past weekend.

  • New friends who feel like old friends.

  • New friends who feel like old friends who have ovens and sewing machines available to use! 

  • Watching Finn play in the dirt for several hours yesterday.

  • Infant tylenol that soothes the pain of teething molars.

  • A perfectly ripe tomato from our farm, with basil from our balcony.

  • The avoidance of this snake! We were visiting those friends that afternoon, and in fact walking on the same road, just higher up, when Wayne called and warned us about his encounter. We had previously been jealous of their yard and patch of grass, but after this, our concrete and high rise seemed pretty good!    

  • The new soundtrack at our house: ba, ba, ba, ba. Finn's new word is ball, but he only occasionally gets the "l" in there, so it mostly sounds like "ba." He clearly knows what he's saying though, and it's how he goes to sleep, and how he wakes up, and what he thinks about all day long. 

  • The beginnings of answers to prayers, prayers so deep that they hadn't even yet been fully formed ... 

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Chip said...

It sounds like you are doing a good job of teaching Finn about the most important things in life.