Two conversations

Two conversations, both had today at Gymboree, only slightly edited for clarity.  

British mum: What's your son's name? 

me: Finn

British mum: Oh, I love that name! How old is he--7 months? 

me: No, 13 months. Just small. 

British mum: Was he a preemie? 

me: Actually he was almost two weeks late and a pretty big boy!  


Chinese mum: Oh, how old is your son? 13 months? 

me: Yes, that's right.  You're good. 

Chinese mum:  Wow, he's tall. 

me: Really? He's small on the weight/height charts! 

Chinese mum: Oh no, he's not small.  What does he weigh now? 20 lbs? 

me: Yeah--You're really good. 

Chinese mum: That's just what my son weighed at that age.  What's his name? 

me: Finn

Chinese mum: Flinn?  

me: no--Finn.

Chinese mum: Ben? 

me: no f-i-n-n.  

Chinese mum: Oh, Ben. 

me: (nod and smile).




Frieda Smith said...

Perspective is everything! That's why going with your gut about how your kids are doing in every way is a good way to go. And no fair comparing #2 whenever he/she comes to our precious Finn! Although it has been amazing to me how much Finn's development has followed your own even if he does look like Matt.

Meredith said...

flinn, finn, ben, big, small...we think you are fantastic...and your parents too. I laughed Monte at the end...nod and smile. sometimes, that is all that is left to do!

~liz said...

ha ha! love this. :) isn't it funny the different prespectives we get from different parents (who love to offer their guesses or advice about our chidlren's weight/eating habits freely)?

Chad Grell said...

Hi Matt and Monte,
This reminds me too much of my days in Japan! Some times it is so much easier to smile and nod than do anything else!

foodsmith said...

Chad--hello! We were just talking about you the other night, and meant to search facebook to see if you're on. Great to hear from you ... would love to know what you're up to and how married life is treating you thus far. And how was that Hawaii honeymoon??