HK Alphabet :: E, F

E and F, really? That's where I am? In my head, these have been done for literally weeks now, and I'm up to, and stuck on, q. (You Hong Kongers, any ideas? Yes, I, know, it could be Queens Road, but I don't really love Queens Road and that seems too obvious, anyway.) I guess other things like advent and Christmas and Thailand got in the way, and I just didn't progress ... but enough procrastination. Onwards!

e :: exercise

...but not just any exercise. What I love is the way people (especially old people) go to the park, in whatever they happen to be wearing, and move. Sometimes it's a scripted series, like in Tai Chi or another martial art. Often, though, it's just movement. Bending, stretching, high-stepping in place. True story: Some family friends were visiting us back in Hanover, and their son, around 5 at the time, was helping us crank the homemade ice cream. We commented on his strength, and he declared it was the result of his daily morning exercise. This being news to his parents, they asked him what he did each morning, and he nonchalantly replied "Oh, some bending of the knees, some bending of the elbows." Now I know what that looks like. 

f :: flower market, food courts   

The flower market is coming up soon. Oh, there's a year-round one, and it's wonderful to behold and to breathe in, but the one I really love is for the lunar New Year. These pictures are from last year, but I'm quite sure there will be some new ones in just a few weeks' time. Rows of orchids, orange trees, peach blossom branches, and cut flowers? Oh yes.   

Food courts in Hong Kong are really quite tremendous. Especially the one we frequent, at Cityplaza Mall. Comfortable seating, a low noise level, pleasant lighting, real dishes, and oh--did I mention the food? Freshly cooked, appetizing, healthy food--for cheap! What's not to love? It never fails to amaze us that we have gone to the food court for our date night, not just once on an "off" night, but more than once. Several times, in fact. Maybe we'll do it this Saturday. Handmade udon noodles, freshly prepared sushi or tempura, teppanyaki (where they grill food in front of you), handmade dumplings, spicy Thai, they have it all. And we love it all. (This picture hardly does it justice. I think it's because it's such a commonplace thing--who takes pictures of mall food?--that I never really try to capture it.) 

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