HK Alphabet :: G, H

g :: gai daan jai

You didn't really think I had a choice on this one, did you? Since gai daan jai (pronounced guy don tsigh) happen to be my husband's favorite thing about Hong Kong, and since they happen to be my retirement and all. (Oh yes. We're going to travel the art and folk-music festival circuit, selling Hong Kong waffles and organic fruit drinks like rhubarb-ginger fizz. I've agreed, on the condition that we get an Airstream camper, and that I get to paint the inside yellow.)

h :: hot pot

On a cold night, there are few places I'd rather eat than a crowded hot pot restaurant, steam filling the air from the bubbling broth, glasses of beer happily refilled by the Asahi girl, and food cooked the way I like, with no guessing about the ingredients. Atmospheric it is not, unless you like fluorescent lights, but it's fun, it's delicious, and it's just a good way to eat. (Oh, and the reason those shrimp are a little bit blurry? They were jumping. That's right, still alive, just skewered and ready to go. Needless to say, as soon as our soup was boiling, we cooked those poor guys up. Then ate them. Yum.)

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Lauren Jackson said...

I've been enjoying your whole alphabet, but you found two things I adore in this one! Yes, those waffles are fantastic, and also the ones in the Temple St Night Market with melty peanut butter and crunchy sugar on them.

I have also been craving hot pot. I know I can find some here in Seattle, but it's just not the same.