Guitar Shirt #5

Introducing guitar shirt #5.

Yes, #5. It started out with a onesie when he was 3 months old, which was actually part of Matt's first Father's Day, as a way to encourage him (Matt, that is) to keep playing that guitar. And now, we've grown out of three. I made a short-sleeved one, hoping his current one would last until spring, but I finally decided that it was too small, and he couldn't wait for his "tar shirt". So, #5 it is.

I don't understand why I don't see more of this kind of applique on craft and parenting blogs. For the time and money spent, this is the thing I make which offers the most satisfaction. I spent two evenings sewing last week and came up with 6 new shirts for the little guy (only two were guitars). Oh, and did I mention how perfect it is for covering up a stain that just won't come out or freshening up a hand-me-down?

And why, you might ask, would I keep making guitars when the world is full of inspiration and cute shapes like ducks or birds? Well, behold the following future album covers.

Rock on, son. Rock on.

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Chip said...

It looks like someone needs a new Johnny Cash shirt.