21 days

Three weeks ago, we went from this

to this

in about 12 hours. She looks like she's about to fall out of that shirt up top, doesn't she? After a long, comfortable early labor at home, we went from 2 cm to pushing in less than two hours. She came out perfectly healthy and totally alert, ready to hang out with us.

Since then, we have been:

  • marveling at how tiny 3.06 kg really is, and how big 2 1/2 years old is. 
  • laughing at--and loving--the big-bum-cloth-diaper look.
  • soothing lots of tears, from both Willa and her brother.
  • amazed by babies' inborn altimeters. Why is everything better standing up?
  • joyfully watching Finn's sweetness and pride towards his sister, happily introducing her, stroking her head, bringing her toys, playing peekaboo. 
  • eagerly figuring out who this little person is, already so different from her brother.
  • discovering the nighttime (and early morning) sounds of this neighborhood. 
  • so thankful for my parents' presence and help these past weeks. (not sure how the dishes will get washed next week)
The next 21 days will be spent figuring out our new normal, as we return to old routines and meet this wee little one's needs too. And in just over a month, Matt will be home for Christmas break. We can make it a month, right? Here's hoping you'll hear from me before then!

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L. DeAne Lagerquist said...


You are amazingly coherent! And blessed. Thanks for the baby photo and the reflections.