The jolly existentialist

"The wheels on the bus" has been Finn's favorite song for quite some time now, but only recently has it become such a part of our daily soundtrack.

Me: Shall we have oatmeal for breakfast?
Finn: The wheels on the bus go round and round,
Me: Let's get your bowl.
Finn: round and round, round and round.
Me: After we eat, we can go to the park.
Finn: all day long.

He loves the verses too, though it disturbs him none to mix up the lyrics.
     The driver on the bus goes swish swish swish.
     The wipers on the bus go beep beep beep.
     The horn on the bus goes open and shut, open and shut.

And of course, the pancakes, the books, the bike--everything he encounters in life--all make their appearances as well.

Matt and I think it's becoming a philosophy, so often is it given us as his response to whatever arises, happy or sad. But rather than a dreary acceptance of the unchanging qualities of life, just going round and round, on and on, it's actually quite cheerful. Jolly, even. After all, as long as sometimes it's the mamas who go beep beep beep and the horn that goes shhh shhh shhh, then life seems bearable. It's Ecclesiastes meeting Jesus' upside down kingdom, and somehow, everything turns out alright.  All day long.


Christa said...

I love this post. "Wheels on the Bus" is one of my standby's at the "Hoppy Palace" English phonics center and I now feel a deep kinship with Finn every time we sing it.

JFo said...

The search for the next Dylan finds its way to Hong Kong.