Celebrating the sun

Thankful does not even begin to describe how we've felt for some recent days of sunshine. Blessed, perhaps, relieved, lightened. And even more, we've appreciated the way that the current tilt of the earth allows just a few more rays to find their way through all the surrounding buildings and into our windows. And so we've celebrated:

With morning romps and wrestling in mama and papa's room (which has the best morning light.)
With flowers. In every room.

With a new "rainbow maker"--a solar-powered motor slowly turns the crystal, sending rainbows everywhere. And everyone in this family likes to catch them.

With planting in the garden. (Yes, he planted rocks in his corner, and watered them, "to see them grow!")
With hanging diapers out to dry again--Yippee! They take forever to dry in our little dryer.  We've also had full-on colds around here, so thank goodness for the sun, and for little celebrations. Hope you have a few rays of light in your windows today.

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