Three is not a baby anymore. Three loves to jump off ledges, three asks "what is this, mama?" and "why is that?"

Three is a panda cake and a trip to Ocean Park to see the pandas. Three is a bell for the bike (and a couple balloons) and a new scooter and a wooden crane. Three is a ferris wheel and a carousel and his very own Octopus card.

Three loves book marathons and playing with other kids. Three will happily wear whatever I make for him, even when it's a goofy hat with maximum sun protection. Three still needs an afternoon nap, though three struggles mightily against it. Three makes up words and enjoys silliness and bossing us around. Three will enter pretend play for just a bit, but doesn't want it to go too far: "No, I'm NOT a fireman. I'm just a boy." And three asks us anxiously, "When I'm three, will I still be Finn?"

Oh yes, our sweet boy. You most assuredly will still be Finn, if not even more so. Thank you for such sweet days of celebration, and thanks for letting me try out your new scooter. We love you.

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dendifam said...

Happy Birthday Finn! What a fun age... LOVE the panda cake! Love the bday crown, love you guys! Mark, Meredith, Jack and Max.