And the final tally is ...

Now that we finally, for the first time in our marriage, have everything we own in one place, we have made the startling discovery that some 80% of our possessions are either books or dishes. Which is not that surprising, really, given that reading and eating (and feeding people) are the things we most love and value, and are at the heart of our two professions. But still, unpacking the 29th Blue Willow dinner plate last night--even I started to feel like maybe it was too much (maybe? he says kindly, with a sidelong glance). 3 full sets of dishes (More than full. 29 plates counts as more than full, right?) here, with more coming in the shipment.

Which goes a long way towards explaining why we are not yet even close to settled, much less organized. When you have this many dishes, and lots of books and clothes besides (in short, lots of stuff) but not lots of places to put things, then you just have piles. Piles waiting for shelves and dressers to show up at garage sales, piles waiting for clothes hangers and baskets to arrive in the shipment. And little else makes me as crazy as piles.

Luckily I have these kiddos to keep me sane (who am I kidding?) smiling.


Frieda Smith said...

Considering that you have been collecting those Blue Willow plates since you were about 10, twenty-nine doesn't seem like so many do ya think? Hush Matt!

L. DeAne Lagerquist said...

and the nature of dishes is to break, so it is prudent to have a few extra.