where we are right now

After a day spent playing "mover," carting empty boxes all around this house, piling them on the first on the futon, then on the floor, first driving a moving truck, then driving a ship, Finn and I had this poignant bedtime conversation:

Me: So what are you thankful for tonight, buddy?

Finn: I'm thankful for Ohio.

Me: Oh, me too. I'm thankful for Ohio too. Anything else?

Finn: I'm thankful for Hong Kong. Do you love Hong Kong, or not?

Me: Oh, I love Hong Kong.

Finn: But you love Ohio.

Me: You can love more than one place, Finn. You can love both Ohio and Hong Kong.

Finn: (pause) Ooooooooh, ok.

And that was that. He turned over and went to sleep. My heart aches a bit--and is proud at the same time--at how early he is learning that the heart can expand to love so many places, that the idea of home can be big and wide. And now, my dearest hope is for some stability to give him a deep rootedness as well. Deep and wide. Like that fountain of old, may the waters of our home be deep enough for love and joy to take a strong hold and wide enough for grace to pour through, welcoming others to come on in, and not afraid to look outward.


Christa said...

I love this post... we are in the middle of leaving our Wisconsin home... to go back to our Hong Kong home. http://marathonangel.blogspot.com/2011/08/leaving-home-for-home.html

Deep and wide indeed.
Oh, and Ohio was our children's first home. enjoy!!!

Anne said...

I'm glad Finn is perceptive about these important things, and the love of place. As I am getting to know Syracuse and missing both the Upper Valley and Minnesota, I am thankful that my heart continues to grow in love for new places, while treasuring the old, familiar places. Finn's lesson is simple but important for me to remember again, too!

Your new home looks lovely, and I am very happy for the 4 of you. Thank you for the wonderful stories and photos of your time in Hong Kong - I have LOVED reading your blog. Blessings! Love, Anne, Alicia, and Willow