Summer wrap up

Clearly, summer, blogging and I don't mix. Somehow the travel, the change in schedule and the lack of routine just nix any desire to sit in front of a computer. Perhaps gorgeous summer weather plays a part as well?

It's certainly not due to a lack of beautiful images or simple pleasures. Our summer has been chock full of things like homemade fishing poles, one-man parades, playing in sprinklers, visiting farms, eating as much bbq and as many cherry limeades as possible, acclimating our girl to grass (not a Hong Kong baby anymore) and introducing her to all sorts of lip-smackingly good foods. And a wedding! Did I tell you there was a wedding? With a cake ... that I made. Nothing like getting back into the baking with a bang. Oh, and boxes. So many boxes. Boxes in Hong Kong (yet to arrive), boxes in both Minnesota and Kansas, all those boxes now in Ohio, more boxes coming.

It's not due to a lack of reflection, either. In fact, these summer visits home offer such contrast to our HK life that I am almost too full of thoughts, and at the same time, too full of gratitude for the simplicity of life here to want to dissect it very thoroughly. Add in the jetlag and the exhaustion from helping children sleep in unfamiliar beds and I guess I just don't have the energy to try to articulate it. So there you have it. A third straight summer of near blog silence.

But we're here now. Hudson, Ohio. We've arrived and unpacked (sort of). We have a car and OH licenses and we've even got a bit of a routine. Which means that my desire to share all these experiences is returning.

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with this blog. I've got a few more HK Alphabet posts in the pipeline along with a few parenting things from the spring that I want to post, mainly for my own archival tendencies. But after that ... these clearly aren't "Notes from an escalator" any longer. Notes from a sidewalk, perhaps, given how much walking we can do in this little town of ours. Notes from a village? They refer to it as "the village." We'll see.

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